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Success or Sucks-ess?

So let’s face it, as beautiful as Mother Nature is being in many parts of the world with her colours of golden, orange and 50 shades of burnt, we are also entering into shorter days. The mornings are darker and night seems to fall before our keys are sliding into the intricate mazes that make up the locks of the front doors of our homes. How do we keep our daydreams of success alive? And what is success exactly?

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Slowing Down Is The New Speeding Up

Aaahh October! Living in the northern hemisphere this is the month my personal style preferences begin to shine. I begin to bring to the forefront all the cashmere and oversized jumpers I love to wear, start perusing my abundant inventory of scarves and a variety of similar toques (that’s Canadian for knit caps, eh) start to find pride of place atop my head.

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Everything I Know About Life I Learned From Sesame Street

You know how we are always being inundated with messages to not judge people? Or, we verbally articulate "I'm not judgemental" (which is a sure sign you're judgemental, btw) while communicating with others... well guess what? I judge people ALL THE TIME! Yep, true story. Upon meeting people, I size them up as either an Ernie or Bert. You know, those two characters from Sesame Street. It's how I build rapport with people really quickly. Curious how and why? 

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