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Slowing Down Is The New Speeding Up

Aaahh October! Living in the northern hemisphere this is the month my personal style preferences begin to shine. I begin to bring to the forefront all the cashmere and oversized jumpers I love to wear, start perusing my abundant inventory of scarves and a variety of similar toques (that’s Canadian for knit caps, eh) start to find pride of place atop my head.

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Everything I Know About Life I Learned From Sesame Street

You know how we are always being inundated with messages to not judge people? Or, we verbally articulate "I'm not judgemental" (which is a sure sign you're judgemental, btw) while communicating with others... well guess what? I judge people ALL THE TIME! Yep, true story. Upon meeting people, I size them up as either an Ernie or Bert. You know, those two characters from Sesame Street. It's how I build rapport with people really quickly. Curious how and why? 

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