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Keep Calm And Carry On...

Today marks my four year anniversary of living in the UK. I have lived here before, but I’ve also lived a lot of places before. This four year anniversary is different. Different because it marks the anniversary of making a life for myself. Not the life I often found myself living because of my career, but the life I’ve always imagined and dreamed of. And like many dreams - it did not come into reality the way I imagined and hoped it would. It did, and continues to, come into reality everyday, regardless.

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Success or Sucks-ess?

So let’s face it, as beautiful as Mother Nature is being in many parts of the world with her colours of golden, orange and 50 shades of burnt, we are also entering into shorter days. The mornings are darker and night seems to fall before our keys are sliding into the intricate mazes that make up the locks of the front doors of our homes. How do we keep our daydreams of success alive? And what is success exactly?

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Be Yourself

Happy August to all of you! I'm writing from London where after a couple of days of intermittent rain and cooler temperatures, we are back to blazing sunshine and the mercury hovering consistently at 30 degrees celsius. I've always been a lover of the heat and have for many years referred to the Sun as "my boyfriend, Mr. Sunshine", but I'm learning that I like everything in moderation much more as I've gotten older - even my boyfriend. 

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