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Welcome to my first post on the sima says blog! Those of you who follow me on social media will recall I announced the launch of this site for February 2018. Ha! How much humble pie did reality have in store for me? Now that we are in summer, and the site is launch ready, it only seems fitting that my blog is also launched during the season ruled by the sun, which is also my ruling planet. As a summer baby born in August, this is my time of year. I feel more energised and inspired. The blog is known as lyst -  an acronym for the four brand pillars of sima says: love, yoga, style, travel. All posts covering these topics will stay mindful of choices that are ethical and sustainable. My goal is to inspire readers to move away from unconscious consumerism (I know, golden, coming from a girl who used to shop for a living. Better late than never, right?) and towards more mindful choices. It's always easy to think that someone else can pick up this flag and wave it. But the truth is, the planet is dying and we are guilty of killing it. Just last week while ordering my groceries online, instead of looking at the details, I ordered six bottles of San Pellegrino water that I assumed were in glass bottles, only to find upon delivery I ordered plastic bottles. File that under: epic fail. What seems like advances in industry and conveniences as we become busier and more stressed has actually come at a very steep cost and continues to do so. We've all read the bazillion pieces of content about how we are more connected than ever, yet feeling isolated and lonely. I've 100% been guilty of perpetuating and participating in this damage during my styling career by purchasing thousands of pieces of clothing that are labelled as 'fast fashion' for photo shoots, commercials and clients. As someone who worked for 15 years with advertising and marketing agencies, I continued to be part of this problem. How we earn our living impacts us. Waking up can be painful but staying asleep is even more detrimental to our humanity. 


good design

is sustainable design

lyst will be a place readers can learn about sustainable, ethical and cruelty-free brands to highlight how stylish sustainable is. Gone are the days of arts and crafts, and hippy designs. Eco has gone upscale and is a new luxury. My personal promise is to bring an excited and inspired tone not an angry one because my personal belief is where good energy flows, goodness grows. There is already so much to be angry about in the world, bringing beauty into our lives should be a joyous activity and experience. The truth slayer Maya Angelou so famously said, "once you know better, you do better."  

Of course, you'll be reading a lot about love (in many forms, not just matters of the heart, but that will definitely be included), travel and yoga. Yoga posts will be linked to the true meaning of yoga as union, so not so many skinny yoga bodies with dynamic inversions unless I'm featuring a specific yogi or yogini. My goal is to show readers how to bring yoga into everyday life so even if you never slip a leg into a pair of Lululemon leggings or step onto a yoga mat, you're still going to be able to say "I practice yoga."  

Readers will also find a lot of content around work. I never intended to be this way, but I am a workaholic. Mostly because I've seldom had 'jobs'. As a lifelong freelancer, a lot of my professional projects are what I refer to as 'jobbies' - jobs that felt like hobbies. Now don't get me wrong! This in no way means I have not had to and continue to HUSTLE! It just means the motivation comes from a different place. For me, that place is freedom. Freedom from not having a set number of days allocated for annual leave, not having to dress a certain way or commute to an office on the same train day in and day out.  lyst will feature inspiring entrepreneurs who have made the transition from the so-called daily grind into a life of purpose and passion. And believe me, it's not all hugs and high-fives. The life of an entrepreneur is brutal. But the tradeoff of living and earning on your own terms is also very special. Stay tuned for some features on some fearless folks who are taking the risks and reaping the rewards.

Finally, I know you have so much choice with the places you spend your digital time.  The fact that you choose to make sima says a part of that landscape means a lot to me. My goal is to always bring content that is nourishing to your life and contributes to your growth in a positive way. 

I'll meet you back here soon!