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Tomorrow belongs to those who can hear it coming
— david bowie


Ever notice how the word silent and listen have the same letters? It is this particular detail of observation that made David Bowie the undisputed King of Brand and led to his ability to maintain creative relevance throughout his career until the time of his death. It is this philosophy that informs Sima's work as a Brand Consultant. With her background in Creative Direction, Styling and Strategy, Sima provides innovative leadership in creating an organisations long-term goals to achieve brand awareness and drive business development milestones. She works in close collaboration with founders and key decision makers as a Brand Consultant. Drawing on her depth of experience, Sima has conferred her unique perspective to several brands and companies. From crafting marketing and press strategies, providing strategic creative direction, conducting brand archetype workshops, authoring internal brand strategies & guidelines to clients looking to define or grow their existing identity, identifying new opportunities for clients to connect and engage their audience with content and storytelling, Her ability to unite her creativity with structure has enabled her to provide organisations and their leadership with a clear vision of next steps to achieve both micro and macro business goals while bringing forth new ways to consider brand building with her abundance of ideas and ability to mentor, mobilise & inspire teams to execute. Sima is available to consult on several levels of engagement. 

Sima also regularly guest lectures at colleges, universities and speaks at events about her career as a stylist, creative and brand director to students & millennials aspiring to a career that combines creativity and commerce. Her motto when it comes to brand work is 'Do less better.' 




Have fun or you won’t
— Sima kumar

Sima has been described by high performing professionals as a 'coaches coach'.  She has studied with some of the top personal development leaders in the world and continues to do so. Distilling the learnings into her own personal style, Sima is able to deliver hard truths with compassion. She practices radical transparency of her own personal and professional failures vs. hypothetical cases with her clients to enable them to see clearly that failure is not fatal.  Sima's coaching  expertise is available to individuals as well as to groups.  She works within the personal development community with life coaches, within organisations at the leadership level, with start up founders and individuals who are interested in claiming more freedom of expression & breaking limiting beliefs and behaviours. Sima's personal development work goes deep but her methodology is based in the belief that this work is not only highly rewarding and  life changing,  but can also be fun. To find out more about how you can work with Sima as a coach, book a complimentary 30 min. consultation. 


Fashion changes, style endures
— coco chanel

With over three decades of experience working in fashion as a personal, commercial, television, print and celebrity stylist, Sima has learned style is essence. As Coco Chanel said, "fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening."

In 2017 Sima adopted a plant based diet. Meaning, she stopped consuming food items such as animal & fish meat, dairy products, eggs, bleached flour and refined sugars.  Sima specifically uses the term plant based diet and not vegan because she still owns and wears clothing and accessories made of leather and suede. Now you may be wondering, what does this have to do with style?

In a word, everything. There is a saying popular with yoga teachers "The way you do anything, is the way you do everything." Once Sima became more intentional with her food choices, this spilled over into her fashion choices. As a professional stylist, she was a consumer, now she is a customer who is acutely aware of  the global hunger for newness. 

In 2014, when Sima moved from Vancouver to London, UK, she gave away and donated over 2000 items of clothing, accessories and footwear. There was no regret & the process of aggressively editing her life of what stays and what goes was liberating. Coupled with her dietary choices in 2017, Sima has 100% left fast fashion behind,  she no longer purchases items made from animal skins and has re-engaged with her love of vintage & second hand shopping and sewing. 

When it comes to style services, Sima works as a consultant with clients who are looking to learn how to live a more sustainable life without giving up great style.  Her work ranges from individuals, brands and companies who are looking to incorporate more eco-friendly practices in the work place and be exposed to sustainable fashion, lifestyle and beauty brands. Sima works with clients to overcome the overwhelm, identify what is really driving their fast fashion buying frenzies and empowers them to become stylish eco warriors. If you are interested in transitioning from fast fashion & learning more about fashion, lifestyle & beauty brands that are good for you and good for the planet send a message to learn more about this bespoke service.



Three things cannot be long hidden; the sun, the moon and the truth.
— Buddha

Sima offers three options for students to work with her as a yoga teacher

1. Meditation (Dhyana) - Students are taught the science based facts of the benefits of meditation and are able to learn how to use the practice of meditation in their hectic lives in modern culture so they may become more grounded, aware and compassionate to self and others. Sima works with clients in the creative industries of fashion & film, health & wellness, advertising agencies, financial and tech sectors in both group settings as well as individual sessions. 

2. Ayurveda - Without knowing it, Sima was brought up in large part on an Ayurvedic lifestyle in her formative years. She only came to realise this during her yoga teacher training in Kerala as she studied and observed yogic practices daily. Many if not all of the practices were the same as daily & weekly rituals incorporated by her mother and grandmother. As the two most influential women in Sima's life, they didn't give it a name or label. It was simply  a part of her upbringing. Sima's passion for Ayurveda was re-ignited by a former boyfriend at age 19 who re-introduced her to the doshas, daily meditation & ayurvedic practices. Since then it has been a constant companion of how she lives and a go to reset when life feels overwhelming. 

When a client comes to Sima for services in Ayurveda, they work together collaboratively to establish the client's dosha or constitution which then becomes the foundation of their wellness journey. She then works with certified Ayurvedic chefs, nutritionists and doctors to  create a more holistic way of living through diet and lifestyle to achieve specific wellness goals. 

3. Speaker (Satsang) - Satsang means 'being in the company of truth' in Sanskrit.  Sessions are based in the practice of Jnana yoga, the path of wisdom and knowledge, requiring strength and intellect. The goal of these sessions is to confront the minds attachment to thoughts and ego. This service is most popular with those in leadership roles in business as well as those in the creative industries and is open to anyone who is struggling with a specific issue which is limiting their quality of life and happiness both personally & professionally. Sima is also available as a speaker at events and on panels where she discusses how bringing the ancient practice of self discovery through yoga to western professionals increases work satisfaction, productivity and builds more sustainable teams.

If you would like to book Sima for her yoga services, send a message by clicking the button below.