Sima worked with us on brand strategy for The Other Box. When she asked us what success looks like, and we half-jokingly said 'global domination', she was the first to look us dead in the eye and say 'you can totally make that happen'. Not only has Sima instilled this belief in us, but she's brought her incredible expertise to help build a brand strategy that makes it sustainable. Sima has prompted and provoked new ways of thinking that have allowed us to achieve our business and brand goals while staying true to our hearts. A tough balance to strike, but we've done it with Sima's brilliant guidance . 

leyya sattar & roshni Goyate, founders | the other box




Sima is a super positive person who always has insightful ideas and enjoys bringing them to life. I had the pleasure of working with Sima on a brand launch & development project in London and her strengths were evident: energy, passion, vision and an ability to inspire those around her to achieve great things. In addition to that, she is thorough and has a strong commercial nouse, all of which means you definitely want her on your team!  


Jonathan Tusder | Agent & Producer

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Time with Sima is oh-so-well spent. She is a hybrid of Brand / Strategy / Creative Consultant offering multi-layered insight. Sima clarifies intellectual and emotional challenges, identifies opportunities and stimulates creativity in spades. Sima excels at sorting out your 'thing', not just at a top level, but using laser sharp focus and intuition to define practical strategies for real-time application. I always leave our sessions energised and informed, equipped to put the smarts into action. That's why I call her S'Oprah, she's my Oprah.

Tiffany Arntson, Director Of Insights | The Youth lab UK/Thinkhouse

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Sima is a woman who can see the future and has that vision and discipline to make things happen. She is the type of person who just gets what you need before you can even put words to it. Working on campaigns with Sima is a dream. Not only can she do a flawless job at anything you throw at her, she’s able to create stories out of everything she works on, down to the smallest detail. And that’s on top of the fact that she’s a super dope person. For real. Those are hard to find. I always take away learning something new after we’ve worked together — even when we’re just jamming on some ideas over drinks. If you don’t know, now you know.

Meriliese Cabebe, Digital Art Director | Aritzia